Biometric Device

We are providing the attendance automation Services. It gives the real time report and notification system in Web & App based control panels.
We have the solution for developers to integrate their biometric machines directly to there Cloud Based ERP System.

  • Biometric API

    Our Exclusive Web API which we integrate with Biometric Machines. The major benefit of this web API is that you do not have to Pull / Manually add the data of Biometric Machines to your ERP Server. The API will be called automatically while a attendance gets registered in our Biometric machine. Our machine does not require any software to install, hence no computer support is required.

How It works !

You need to provide us only the URL details where you need the data of the Biometric machine. We associate this URL with our machine and then you need to just connect the machine with the Internet (LAN Wire / Wifi depending on model of the machine) and you are done. Your machine is connected to your ERP and now whenever the attendance gets registered, your URL will be called automatically. Now you can maintain the report to your database and use them for generating reports. 

The URL will be called whenever a new attendance gets registered with the following parameters in POST

  • stgid -> service tag id (Machine Number)
  • userid->alphanumerical user id
  • att_time->timestamp of attendance date & time
  • att_type->in/out

Under the given URL, you need to implement your business logic to maintain the attendance records. Once you processed the every record/request, you will have to write "OK" in the response. If not, the same attendance records will be called again and again. If your web server is down, the attendance records will try to reach you every 30 seconds until “OK” response is received.

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