Autometic School Bell System

In the 21st century there is lots of advancement in the field of education. Modern teaching learning tools, computers, LCD Projectors, Interactive Boards are now common in schools. When everything is changing and upgrading so fast then why not the school bell?

  • What you get ?

    Schools has to deputed one peon or watchman to ring the bell e.g. for morning assembly, 1st period, 2nd period, break, etc. That Person can not be assigned for other outdoor works as he/she has to be present in the school to ring the bell. However, he/she may commit mistake while ringing the bell. There may be a time lag of 5-10 minutes. School Bell Player will make that peon/watchman free to be engaged for other work.

Some Features of Autometic School Bell

  • APPLICATIONS: Schools, Colleges, Education institutes, coaching institutes etc.
  • System fully relieves the person responsible to ring bell at accurate time. It is fully automatic.
  • Digital display to show current time in first row and next bell time in 2nd row.
  • Output Devices: Any electrical device like, bell, hooter or siren can be connected.
  • Can Be Configured for Different Seasons as Summer / Winter / Exams etc.
  • No External Battery required to maintain clock and stored program.
  • Time accuracy is maintained in micro seconds.

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